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32 year old, mother of two, wife, graduate student, friend, and book enthusiast. With the busy pace of life it is difficult to find a free moment, but in those rare moments each day, you'll find me reading. For me, reading is a peaceful escape, a place of serenity. I guess in many ways it's my therapy. Reading is a crucial part of my sanity!

When I read, I'm hoping for the book to move me. I want to be able to feel it in my soul, to develop a connection with the characters, and with the story. I'm hoping for a love story that has intensity, an undeniable need for each other...mind, body, and soul. If a book gives me those things, I'm a happy reader =)

I love reading on my kindle; it makes reading easier, especially at night. I still have this want to purchase the hard copy because I am connected to these stories and I want that tangible object with a pretty cover to hold in my hands and display on my bookshelf. It absolutely thrills me when I am able to get a signed copy of my favorite books!


30 year old, mother to one daughter and fur baby, wife, graduate, workaholic, friend, and book addict. With a family, holding down a full-time and part-time job, and as time allows being a Consultant with a direct selling business, there isn't much time left for just "me". Although in the last year, I have finally made it a must to have "me" time.  This is when I read, my "healthy escape from reality". 

Just like Karese, this has became my "therapy".....it's my source of energy to push through when I feel completely depleted by life.  Reading is a way for me to release and let go of my day to day stresses and find a connection; either through sharing a book, connecting with an author, or with the characters and story itself.

Karese and I began sharing our love of reading with each other last spring, and I believe it has grown into our lil obsession that we share with many :  )  We first met as neighbors over 6 years ago, our daughters are the same age and hit it off as bff 's right away.  Both our households have moved a few times since then, but we have managed to still stay close and get together as we can.  In our own way, we are "Kindred Souls".

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  2. your blog needs to remove the Amazingly Broken picture from your page