My reviews are based on my personal views and feelings related to that particular book. What's important to me is the story line, the connection I develop with the characters, and the way it stirs my emotions.

Karese's Review Rating Scale:
5 Stars- I absolutely loved everything about the book from beginning to end. It was Fantastic!
4 Stars- I really really liked book, it was a great read, gave me most of what I want/need from a book.
3 Stars- I liked the book, it was an enjoyable read, but didn't really give me everything I want/need from a book.

I provide honest reviews, based on my personal feelings and opinions in relation to that particular book. If the books falls below a 3 star rating I WILL NOT review it. It is not my place nor my intention to ever degrade the work that a writer has poured their heart and soul into. I do not believe in bashing an author's name or their work. I have ready many many books and have yet to read one that deserved under a 3 Star rating. In the event of that occurring, I will simply not review that book.

My reviews are based on the same criteria as above.  Karese has thoroughly covered all the bases of what we look for in a good book!!

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