Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Review & Signed Paperback Giveaway: To Seduce an Earl & To Capture a Rake by Lori Brighton

My Thoughts on 'To Seduce an Earl':
(4 Thoroughly Enjoyable Stars!)

This is the first true Historical Romance that I have read. I have read other books with historical scenes, such as: paranormal romances with vampires that would refer back to their life hundreds of years earlier, but this is my first read that is set in an era in history. 

I love to read romance stories, simple as that. I am open to stepping outside my norm and reading new genres. By doing so, I am exposed to countless opportunities to read intriguing and creative stories of true undying love.

At the age of 12 or 13 Alex leaves everything he's ever known without so much as a goodbye to his family or friends. He is coaxed by a heartless temptress to enter a life that would end up holding him prisoner for many souls crushing years to come. 

Grace is quickly approaching the status of 'old maid' at the age of twenty-four she has yet to marry. Life has kept her from being able to focus on herself. With a no good step-brother who gambles away what little money their family has left after the death of her step-father, a teenage sister to look after, and a mother who is on her death bed, Grace is far too busy caring for everyone else to focus on her life's desires.

Ill fated circumstances place Grace in Alex's bedchambers...and the rest is history ;)

I thoroughly enjoyed Alex & Grace's story. Both characters have their weaknesses, but they seem to fill in the cracks in each other's foundation creating undeniable strength. Sometimes no matter how much you try to resist something or someone, you fail. I believe that is because you cannot ignore your hearts desires. They have so much working against them, but in the end the bond of truelove is unbreakable. Their trials and tribulations in life are what ultimately brings them together and keeps them together.

I most certainly recommend this historical romaces to all.

I am very much looking forward to reading book 2 in The Seductions Series, To Capture a Rake...

Please note that 'To Capture a Rake' is an ARC copy, not a final copy, so there may be typos and the cover does not look like the final book cover, but the story is the same.

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