Sunday, June 9, 2013

Review & Giveaway: Let Love In by Melissa Collins

What would happen if you lost everything?  If the people who were supposed to love you unconditionally were no longer there for you, how would your world change? 
That’s exactly what happened to Madeleine Becker when her parents died when she was ten years old.  Ripped from her home and everything that she has ever loved, she is forced to start all over again.  The only way for her to move on is to build walls around her heart and keep everyone at a safe distance. Her logic: she can't get hurt if she doesn't fall in love.
That theory is blown to pieces when she meets Reid Connely during her freshman year at college. He is gorgeous and darkly mysterious. He understands Maddy's pain all too well, but sharing his pain would mean breaking down the walls he put up around his own heart. Conflicted between loving Maddy and hiding his dark past, Reid starts to reevaluate his world.  Maddy's inner strength, snarky personality and breath taking beauty help Reid to make peace with his past.
Together they find out what happens when they let love in.

My Thoughts:

I thoroughly enjoyed Let Love In, staying up to the wee morning hours to finish it! 

I completely fell in love with Reid and Maddy. He is uber sweet, and she is uber smart. 

The ending killed me and put a huge lump of emotion in my throat, but I completely respect Maddy's decision. I have no doubt that Reid will come to his senses in Let Love Stay. 

Let Love In is a story of heart-ache and Loss, and learning to love again.

The sequel, Let Love Stay will be coming out soon! 

My Favorite Quotes:

"all I heard was my mom's voice- crooning sweet comforts in my ear when I was sick, rousing me from sleep when I was drowsy, singing me lullabies when I had a nightmare." ~Maddy

"I wanted to learn how to deal with such life-altering loss in a graceful and strong way. I wanted to survive, just like she had." ~Reid

"I've always wanted someone to say things like that to me, to want me beyond reason, to make me feel loved and in one sweet whispered sentence, he has done just that. In that moment, I realize I am falling hard and fast for this gorgeous man beside me..." ~Maddy

"And it's just that simple. He takes care of every last detail. He takes care of me, and I love him so much for it."

Snippet of Maddy and Reid’s first encounter:

There was a group playing quarters on the island and another group lining up shots on the breakfast bar – so not my scene.  I just shrugged my shoulders, opened the door, pulled out a bottle of water and, when I turned around to walk back outside, I face-planted into a wall of solid muscle. 

“Hand me one?” His voice was smooth and... gruff at the same time.  Red-faced, I turned back around and got him his water, glad for the cool respite that the opened refrigerator door offered. 

“Here you go.” I could not peel my eyes away from his mouth as he moved the bottle to his lips.  They were perfect - beautiful and full in a completely masculine way.  I watched, completely fascinated, as his throat moved, downing the water in three or four large gulps. He wiped his mouth with his forearm and I couldn’t help but let my eyes travel up the rest of his arm to his biceps and shoulders – those were the same as his lips – perfect.  Amazingly, gorgeously, utterly, divinely perfect.  Muscled and tanned, his arms were mouthwatering.

My knees wobbled.  My heart thudded.  Thousands of butterflies spread their wings in my belly. 

“Thanks…” he stared blankly at my face for a minute and I couldn't help but wondering if he liked what he saw.  He cleared his throat and roused me from my little daydream where the gorgeous boy is mesmerized by the maybe-a-little-above-average looking girl.  That’s when I realized he was asking for my name.

“Maddy.  Sorry, my name’s Maddy." I nearly choked on my tongue to get my freaking name out.

Author Links:
Twitter - @mcollinsauthor

Author Bio: 

I’ve always been an avid reader.  Majoring in English Literature was a no brainer.  Becoming a teacher and instilling my love for reading into my students was also a no brainer.  I’ve spent the last ten years teaching and I’ve loved (mostly) every minute of it.  When I was home on maternity leave for my third son, I discovered a new genre that sparked my creativity.  My passion for writing sprang from my love of reading and once I knew I had a story to tell, I couldn’t wait to get it out there.  I only hope that my readers enjoy reading my story as much as I enjoyed writing it

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