Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Review: Paint Me Beautiful by C.M. Stunich

I read a LOT of books and there are very few that I take out to read again and again. Paint Me Beautiful by C.M. Stunich is one of them. 

Claires' story captivated me from the beginning.  Her journey is not an easy one. It is fraught with pain, full of disturbing self images, anorexia, bulimia and mental illness to name a few. But, it is also a story of the discovery of unconditional love.

In my humble opinion this is a must read. It is insightful and compelling, a challenge if you will. Hopefully you will take something positive from the words C.M. has used to tell this story and maybe even learn something new about yourself as well.I know I did.

This is a 5 star for me.
~Debra, Guest Reviewer

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