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Review: More than a Maid by Reeni Austin

My Thoughts:
More than a Maid is book 3 in the Barboza Brothers series. In book 1, I fell in love with Victor, Cara, and Isaac. In book 2, I fell in love with Armando and Katie. And book 3, I fell in love with Ramon and Marcy.

Ramon is an independent, hard working man who gives to others', but does not take easily to receiving help from others'. He's a giver, not a taker, which is a great quality in anyone. Although, we all need help from time to time, whether it be financial, physical, or emotional. You can't do it ALL alone, ALL the time.

Ramon is stubborn, hard headed, and set in his ways, which makes it hard for him to let others' in and for others' to get close to him. His older brother's love in immensely and are persistent in their efforts to get to the bottom of what is causing Ramon so much stress and grief. It takes a team effort, and a lot of probing and digging...

Marcy, a friend of Cara's, who previously owned her own cleaning business moves to Ramon's ranch to help out as the "maid" of the expansive ranch house, working for Victor, not Ramon, although it is Ramon's house. 

Marcy was forewarned by Cara to steer clear of Ramon because he was a "jerk", which I agree he was at times. The attraction between Ramon and Marcy was obvious right away. It didn't take long for those feels to kindle some form of a relationship, mostly physical at first. When something is meant to be, no matter how many times you tell yourself it's not, doesn't change the fact that it is and always will be. You can't lie to yourself forever. 

I felt sad for Marcy at times dealing with Ramon's stubbornness, but she truly loved him and new he was worth the effort

Even though Ramon has a tough exterior, and acted like a jerk at times, he was a really good guy with a kind heart. 

Marcy held her own with Ramon, she didn't just surrender every time he decided the were 'on' again. She stood her ground, which I admired about her. 

I love the fact that Reeni gives us more of Victor and Cara's story, and Armando and Katie's story in this book. It was nice to see their lives together evolve throughout this story.

I loved Ramon and Marcy's story, and I know you will too. He's very different from his older brothers, but that's not a bad thing at all. If you haven't met all 3 Barboza brother's you need to! Seriously!
~5 Stars!~

Ramon Barboza loves two things: his ranch and his freedom. An occasional drunken fling is all he needs to satisfy his desire for a woman.
Marcy Cameron never wanted to be a live-in maid, but her cleaning business is falling apart. When her friend offers her an overpaid position as housekeeper for a month, it's an offer she can't refuse. Marcy packs her bags and heads to Texas. But the house comes with a grumpy, secretive, and obstinate occupant: Ramon, who thinks his life and his house are fine just the way they are. The sassy, headstrong Marcy quickly butts heads with the master of the house. But is the tension between them merely anger, or something more?
As Cara and Victor plan their wedding at the ranch, Henry's secrets cast a shadow. Ramon has his suspicions, but refuses to discuss them with anyone.
What made Henry run off? Why is he living off the grid? Why has he still not returned? Victor and Armando are determined to uncover the truth, but will the answers be more than they bargained for?

In the conclusion of the Barboza Brothers trilogy, all of these questions will be answered.

With her eyes still shut, she heard him stand up in front of her. A subtle, masculine fragrance filled her nostrils. He let go of her arm and she felt his palm cup her cheek. His other hand went to the small of her back.
Ramon breathed in her ear before whispering, “You’re all I’ve been able to think about since last night.”
“I am?” Marcy asked in a breath, biting her lip and nearly losing her balance.
He moaned, nuzzling her cheek. Then he whispered, “You didn’t think you could go around flauntin’ all this in front of me without me doin’ somethin’ about it, did you?”
Marcy smiled, memorizing his words. Loving the way his accent changed to a heavier drawl when he whispered in her ear.
Ramon’s hand in the small of her back slid further down, his fingertips lightly grazing her butt through her thin cotton shorts. His other hand moved from her cheek to her hair as the volume of his breathing increased.
She let out a quiet moan. Her body needed more, and he probably knew it. Her intuition told her he was trying to get her worked up enough to make her beg.
And if not for her rebellious nature, she probably would have.
Instead, Marcy simply put her arms around his waist.
Ramon drew closer, gently kissing her cheek, tightening his embrace.
Pressing his erection against her stomach.
Marcy almost laughed out of sheer relief. She convinced herself earlier that his lack of arousal meant he was lying. But there was no mistaking his attraction now.
She slid her hands under his T-shirt, her fingers digging against his back. Pulling him closer, she let her stomach slowly rub against his hard member, determined to beat him at this game.

Ramon chuckled, then nibbled her earlobe, giving it a soft bite before he let it go. Both of his hands were now cupping her ass. In a deep whisper, he said, “You gonna take those clothes off for me now?”

About Author:
Reeni Austin loves to write lighthearted romances with a little spice. More than a Maid is the latest installment in her Barboza Brothers Series.

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