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Review: The Party (Novella) by Katie Ashley FREE at

The Party
By: Katie Ashley
Prequel to The Proposition

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My Thoughts:

The Party is a Novella, a prequel to The Proposition. I would recommend reading The Proposition & The Proposal first then revisit the character's in The Party and see what their lives were like before The Proposition took place. By reading The Party last you will have already developed a connection with Emma & Aidan and will have a greater appreciation for how much they grew as individuals and as a couple throughout the first two books. 

The Party gives us a nice bit of insight as to what Emma & Aidan were up to in the months before The Proposition. And what went on during that infamous office Christmas party. All I can say about that is, Go Emma! She's my kind of woman. I do love Aidan too, but I especially love Emma for bringing out the good in Aidan and helping him realize he is worthy of love.

I was a bit surprised by what both characters were doing in The Party, although they had their distinct personalities their actions weren't exactly what I thought they would be. Even though Aidan has his I don't do 'family' attitude he loves them and they love him, which was evident in The Party. Emma and Connor's situation kind of threw me for a loop. I was somewhat surprised with her all or nothing ultimatum. Poor Connor he was getting it from both sides. I felt bad for the guy.

I grew to love Emma & Aidan in the first two books. Well, it really took until the second book before to truly fell for Aidan, lol. But, I connected with Emma right away. It was fun getting to see little bit more of them in The Party, even if it was pre-proposition. I love them as individuals and as a couple, so I'll take them either way.

They're an adorable couple: Funny, Attractive, and Sexy! Their love story truly is beautiful. I'm quite fond of it and of them. If you haven't already I highly recommend you read The Proposition, The Proposal, and The Party by Katie Ashley! You won't be disappointed ;)

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