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Review: The Proposal by Katie Ashley

The Proposal
By: Katie Ashley
My Review(5 Superb Stars!): 
 The Proposal is the sequel to The Proposition. It picks up right where we left off, Aidan wallowing in his self-inflicted misery. He made an epic mistake, one that he will regret for the rest of his life. He had himself convinced that he'd do it all along because that's what he always does. He f*cked up the best thing that's ever happened to him.
We get to see much more of who Aidan really is in The Proposal. Aidan carries around a tremendous amount of guilt and pain from his past. His womanizing ways are a merely an armor of protection, a shield he hides behind, for fear that he may be more to someone than sex and that they may be more to him than sex. His past left him damaged and continues to haunt him.
(Beautifully Damaged Aidan in a world of hurt without his Em.)

Aidan's family supports him and wants him to rectify his wrong doing. They love Emma and know that she is the best thing that's ever has ever happened to Aidan. I absolutely adore Aidan's father Patrick! I love the way he gives Aidan tough love. He burns his ass up constantly and it is hilarious. He eats my heart up... <3 font="">

He certainly met his match with Emma Harrison. He's going to have to work double time to regain her trust. But, just like us, the readers, Emma doesn't fully understand Aidan at this point in their story. He has to man up and find the courage to share that part of himself with her, but first he has to get her to speak to him again.

After some persuasion, Emma agrees to meet with Aidan and listen to what he has to say. Aidan spews his deep dark secrets that he's kept locked way inside himself. The secrets have been there like a poison to his soul for far too long. They've negatively impacted his entire life and sadly his image of self-worth.

By sharing himself completely with Emma gave her a better understanding of what's at the root of his behavior, not that it excuses him. By no means does it give him a get out of trouble free card. It does not completely redeem him of his wrong doing, but it's a great start. Aidan's prepared to do the work it takes to win her back and then some. In fact I'm pretty certain he's prepared to spend the rest of his life making it up to her.

Emma & Aidan's relationship is faced with many obstacles, one tall, dark, handsome, kind and wealthy one in particular...Seriously, oh no! :/ A quick little quote from this point in the story. When tall, dark and handsome come to pick Emma up, Aidan says to him: "Take Care of My Girl." This quote along the fact that he loved her enough to let her explore and discover what she wanted in life, made me love him just that much more. He did this because when she makes her decision, he doesn't want her to have any 'what ifs' lingering in her mind. He wants all of her forever. 

Luckily for Aidan, Emma's a beautiful and honorable person. She'll do what's right always.

Emma's heart Belongs to Aidan...
(Emma on their Wedding Day)

 And with that comes first and foremost, forgiveness, then a proposal, a wedding, and Noah! There is much much more to the story, but as much as want to, I won't spoil it by giving all the juicy details. I will say there's a special little surprise in the epilogue, but you'll have to read it to find out for yourself what it is.
(Oh My Cuteness! It's Emma & Aidan's Adorable Little Red Headed Son, Noah Fitzgerald!)
Emma & Aidan's story is one of struggle, pain, discovery, healing and enduring love; it is heart touching. To see them come full circle as individuals, as a couple, then spouses, and parents makes for a very pleased reader.
I loved The Proposition, but I really really loved The Proposal because it gave me everything I needed. I finished as a satisfied reader and that puts a smile on my face :) 
Katie Ashley did a superb job tying up all the loose ends of this story, creating a nice neatly wrapped enjoyable package!
A Few of My Favorite Quotes:
"Please, Em. I love you so much it hurts. I ache for you in my soul. Please...I can't live without you. I want to be with you every minute of every day. I want to marry you and make a life with you. I want to raise Noah and be a family together. Please...please say you want to be with me forever." ~Aidan
"Stop beating yourself up. You made a mistake, and now it's forgiven." ~Emma
"Don't ever think Noah's in the way. He will always be the string that ties us together. He's our love growin inside you. He may not be the reason why I fell in love with you, but he's the reason why I got another chance at life." He gaver her a deep lingering kiss. "You saved me, Emma." ~Aidan
Katie Ashley just released a Novella/Short Story titled 'The Party' that you can read after The Proposition & The Proposal and trust me you'll want more! It is available through smashwords for FREE!
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