Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Review of: Falling Into Infinity by Layne Harper

Review by Debra (guest reviewer) 4 Stars!

Layne Harper rocks this sports themed love story!
  Charlie & Collin are two young career driven young people who are so inside their own heads. They can't handle the epic emotions they have for each other. 
  Decisions are made. Lives and hearts are torn apart.
  Separate lives begin and careers are made, milestones are reached. But it all feels empty without someone special to share it all with. Lonely years pass. 
  When their lives cross paths after all the years they discover the feelings are still there and even stronger. 
But what happens now? 
Will they be willing to compromise this time? 
Will they face the hardships together, walk through the fire for each other this time? 
 You just gotta get this book & read it to me it will not disappoint!

I really enjoyed this book (can't wait for the next one)! It has epic lust, love, anger, pain, soul-wrenching tears (oh wait that was me!), redemption & second chances. Everything you want in a memorable love story!

Book 2, From Now Until Infinity release in August!

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