Thursday, July 11, 2013

Spotlight: The Innocence Series by Helen Johnston

The Innocence Series
By Helen Johnston
Innocence Lost (book 1)
Innocence Reclaimed (book 2)
Innocence Reborn (book 3) Releasing July 30th!

Synopsis (Innocence Lost):
Blake is an Elder vampire, meaning he was born that way and not made into one.

Being an Elder, he is one of the Council members that governs their world, his word is law. He has been searching for his Queen all his life, and being over four hundred years old, that's a pretty damn long time. He thinks he has no hope of ever finding her, until he is foretold he will meet her.

And they do meet, but she is cruelly snatched from his arms by his enemies.

When she is kidnapped, she is kept in a veritable fortress and is awakened to the sensual and carnal pleasures that should have been taught by Blake. Instead it is by strangers.

Craving and wanting his touch, she longs for him to rescue her.

Blake is able to send in a couple of people from his Order to protect her while he is unable to. Unbeknown to him, his brother is still alive and where she is being kept, Blake wrongly thought he had died long ago. But he has turned into a very mean and controlling vampire.

But Blake's love for her never dims.

After everything Siobhan has been through she is worried that he couldn't love her still. Siobhan loves Blake and he is her only true love, as he is hers.

The story unfolds and continues in:

Book Two: Innocence Reclaimed
Book Three: Innocence Reborn.

Amazon Purchase Links:
Innocence Lost-
Innocence Reclaimed-
Innocence Reborn, releasing July 30th!

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