Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Review of: No Second Chances by R.J. Greer

Review by Debra (guest reviewer):

Not real sure how to review this book. When I started it I thought it was going to be just another book about bdsm with no plot or story behind it. Boy was I wrong!! The farther I got into the book the more it hooked me. 
Now I am breathlessly waiting for the next book.

   Aaden MacGregor is a self-proclaimed tech geek with an active imagination. He gets a look at his fantasy wet dream while waiting for an elevator when he goes to apply for a job. 

When he gets the chance to whisper his random thoughts in her ear he "seizes the day", and actually does it. His dream women turns out to be a V.P. in the company he is trying to get a job with, and she is intrigued by this man who has dared to be so forward with her. She makes sure he is hired and things move along at break-neck speed from there. 

Destiny opens business and career doors for Aaden that would have taken him a life time to open on his. 

Aaden opens Destiny's closed heart and becomes her safe place. But they still have secrets that could destroy the fragile relationship they are building, and may even bring their careers down too. 

   It starts out with some kinky fuckery, but the further into the book you go the more you see how they break down emotional and physical barriers to find something truly amazing and special between two broken people. Hopefully they can protect it from the storm that is about to descend on their heads.
It was a breath of fresh air to read an erotic love story written by a man. I truly enjoyed No Second Chances by R.J.Greer. I give it 3 stars and can't wait for the sequel.

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