Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Review of: 'Life Altering Beautiful' by T.A. Hardenbrook

Review by Debra: 

Seven is trying to leave her painful past behind by going half way across the country to college. She is sure she can invent herself where no one knows who she really is.
Seven's roommate is Tammy a beautiful blond determined to party & screw her way thru her freshman year, & take Seven with her. 

Enter sex on a stick senior Stone, Tammy's brother. He is a loner interested in keeping his distance from everyone. His screw 'em & push 'em out the door, cage fighting, dirty little secret ass is putting a serious roadblock in Tammy's way! 

His only interest is to get & keep her and her roommate Seven away from his frat brothers.

That is until he meets Seven. 

They both have some secrets & broken places in their lives that have caused them to build some pretty sturdy walls around their hearts to keep others out. But the attraction & need for the connection that they feel for each other draws them closer. 

This is one of the best first books I have read this summer. T.A. Hardenbrook really has a gift for drawing you into the emotions & minds of the characters. She has the ability to make them your neighbors, friends, people you know! She lures you into their world & you cry, laugh, rage, and sigh right along with Seven & Stone. I can't wait to read more from her. She has a true gift with words.

I give this a solid 4 stars!

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